June 1, 2011

Lion Country Safari, West Palm Beach, Florida

Our next stop was the KOA at Lion Country Safari near West Palm Beach, Florida.

The park is full of nice pull-through spots.

While staying at the KOA, we enjoyed free tickets to Lion Country Safari. Lion Country Safari opened in 1967 and is Florida's only drive-thru safari adventure.

Brazilian tapirs are excellent swimmers and their closest relatives are the horse and the rhinoceros.

The Aldabra tortoise can live to be 150 years old and grow a shell up to five feet long. They enjoy hanging out with the birds.

Kudus are a variety of antelope who live on leaves and shoots from a variety of plants, as well as whatever goodies the safari keepers bring their way.

The park is divided into several different regions with electronic gates providing extra protection in lion country.

The lions' Gorongosa Preserve provide them with ample room to exercise and play, as well as lounge. KOA visitors will be able to go to sleep and wake up to the roars of the lions.

You don't want to get between this guy's horns and his grass!

Same goes for the white rhinoceros which in actuality are stone-gray.

Like fingerprints, the stripes of each zebra are unique.

After driving through the park, visitors can take a walk through Safari World. This additional feature of the park includes more animal exhibits, boat rides, amusement rides and animal shows.

You can also feed the budgies...

and the giraffes who are only too eager to chow down on lettuce, broccoli and carrots.

Watch some budgie feeding and Arnold, the trained parrot, in this short video.

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To be continued...

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