June 12, 2011

Key West Trolley Tour

Today we set out to do a trolley tour of the town.
St. Paul's Episcopal Church was restored in 1994.

This was the birthplace of Pan American World Airways.
The Banyan is one of the many resorts and guesthouses.
The kapok tree can grow 130 feet.  Read more about this tree below.

Chickens are welcome almost as pets around town.  In the 1860's Cubans, disheartened with the situation in their own country following the Ten Year's War, began moving to Key West.  Their love for cockfighting brought many chickens with them. Today you will see chickens roosting in trees and around town in many areas.
One can't visit Key West without visiting the Hemingway House.
Tours of the home are given daily.
Hemingway did a lot of his writing in the upstairs of a garage in the back of the house.
A luxury for a 1930's home was this pool costing $20,000 dollars in 1930's money to build.
Home to Polydactyl cats (six- toed cat), there are currently 40-50 cats at the Hemingway home. Ernest named his cats after famous people.
On this hot day, a smart cat found a cool spot to hang out.
With the sun going down and the tourists headed for Mallory Square, it was a good time to get pictures at the Southernmost Point.
For more pictures, click here.
To be continued...

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