June 13, 2011

Final Day In Key West

Remember the Key West cats? One must have came for a visit last night.
Today we visited the Flagler Railroad Museum. Henry Flagler built the railroad starting in 1906 and service began January 23, 1912.
Here is one of the train's old schedules.
Several hurricane setbacks in 1906, 1909 and 1910 delayed the building of the railroad. The railroad ran for over 20 years until a final hurricane in 1935 shut it down for good.
In 1938, the state built the Overseas Highway using the viaducts from the railroad. The Overseas Highway, US 1, was rebuilt in the 1980s. The old viaducts are now used a fishing piers.

We went back to Pan American's birthplace, now a bar. Check out the ceiling fans.

Doug stands next to one of the many statues around Mallory Square.

For more pictures, click here.
To be continued...

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