January 25, 2008

Animal Kingdom with Trina & Angie Part 1

Marlon's mom (Angie) and sister (Trina) arrived yesterday from St. Joseph, Missouri for a 10 day visit. We decided the first park we would take them to was Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom.

Here's daughter and mother now.

Here are some egrets. Egrets are often also known as herons.

The Tree of Life is the focal point of The Animal Kingdom.

There are over three hundred carved images of animals on the exterior of The Tree of Life. How many can you find?

The 3-D film It's A Bug's Life is shown continuously inside The Tree of Life. If you get a chance to see it, be prepared for a few surprises.

After viewing The Tree of Life and It's A Bug's Life we headed for Dinoland.

While in Dinoland, be sure to ride Dinosaur! Dinosaur! takes you aboard a time traveling land rover to view several different species of dinosaurs. Hang on...it will be a bumpy ride!

We found this mother and daughter hanging around on our way to the Kilimanjaro Safaris. It might be mother and son or perhaps brother and sister.

And this guy was just lounging around.

And these guys were just standing around. Although these unique animals HAVE been taught to write their names in autograph books handed to them by little kids.

The Kilimanjaro Safaris attraction features common African animals such as antelope.

Zebras can usually be found taking in some sun.

It's neat to see all the animals, including this giraffe, roaming around together in the same area. Gee, like a safari!

This bird was holding up our Safari vehicle by slowly strolling in front of us down the road.

While riding the Wildlife Express Train later in the day, we learned that most of the animals, including this rhino, are led back to their cages at the end of every day. A few, such as the alligators and flying birds, are not removed from the attraction every evening.

The Kilimanjaro Safari and the rest of our visit to Animal Kingdom will continue in the following entry.

To be continued...

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