May 29, 2011

Fort Christmas Historical Park, Christmas, Florida

After departing Jungle Adventures Nature Park & Zoo, we drove through the town of Christmas, Florida.

Here we found the Orlando Wetlands Park which we will have to visit on a day trip from home sometime. The park, which appears to be FREE, is 1,650 acres of man-made wetlands.

With over 20 miles of trails to explore, the park is home to many different animals including raccoons, river otters, white-tailed deer, bobcats and over 200 species of birds.

We happened upon the park's study of plant life of the wetlands.

These can also be found in the park. This one was not even afraid of us.

This display reminds visitors of the Christmas Spirit every day of the year.

Next we visited Fort Christmas Historical Park. This 25 acre FREE Orange County Park features a replica of an 1837 Seminole War fort which houses a museum and video presentation about the Seminole Wars.

In addition to the Fort, the park includes no less than 10 authentic buildings from the late 19th and early 20th century such as this one.

This lunch room from circa 1932 features all the modern conveniences from the kitchen throughout the years.

Probably the newest building on the property is the Partin House from the 1950's.

Each building is furnished with the appropriate furnishings for the time period.

Some might remember these washing machines.

On our way back home, we got this perfect view across the water toward Cape Canaveral.

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To be continued...

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