May 26, 2011

Bee's RV Resort & Lake Griffin State Park, Florida

Yesterday, we moved 70 miles northeast to our Coast to Coast & RPI home park, Bee's RV Resort in Clermont, Florida.

The swimming pool is next to a small lake with RVs and park models around it.

Today, we found our next state park, Lake Griffin State Park, in Fruitland Park just north of Leesburg.

Armed with life preservers and paddles, we are in search of canoes.

We found them by the boat ramp.

The entry point is Dead River which is a couple miles long and leads out to the very large Lake Griffin. Our one-hour trip will lead us to the end of Dead River.

Paddling in sync is a good thing to do when canoeing.

Luckily, it was not too hot because this would look like an awfully long way if it was.

We encountered thousands of lily pads along the way, but saw no frogs lounging on them. In the cooler winter months canoers might find themselves face to face with alligators. Not today, though.

Marlon took the front seat and Doug took the back.

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To be continued...

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