January 12, 2011

Tampa RV Supershow

Today we visited the Tampa RV Supershow with Delbert and Trina at the Florida State Fairgrounds.

You would think for a $10 admission price per person they could come up with something better than this generic boring sign.

Trina is in awe of the $2 million motorcoach she just toured.

She has decided to save her pennies and buy it next time.

A unique feature of one fifth wheel at the show was its own outdoor deck which folds up on the side of the unit while traveling.

Very nice, but you'll need a wide campsite for this one.

Doug prefers the motorhome he already owns.

The show featured some motorized entertainment.

One of the strongest armadillos in the world was here to pull this float.

Another unique feature we saw was the rear end kitchen in a fifth wheel.

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To be continued...

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