January 15, 2011

Magic Kingdom & Epcot with Friends

Friends Graham, MaryAnne and Chloe came for a visit to Disney World. We caught up with them at The Magic Kingdom where Graham and Chloe were sporting their Happy Birthday! buttons. Happy 11th and 39th!

We were all treated to a front row seat for the Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade.

Lilo and Jessie showed up.

And, of course, Mickey and Minnie were the stars of the show.

Celebrate Today!

Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket put in a cameo.

Cinderella was riding with Prince Charming in her pumpkin coach courtesy of her Fairy Godmother.

Even the Beast believes in Dreams Come True.

Take the picture already!

Their birthday celebration today concluded with a dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table.
A couple of days later, we met up with them again at Epcot.
We found Donald about to be clobbered by some anti-social children on the Gran Fiesta Tour featuring The Three Caballeros based on the 1944 animated feature.
They decided these hats would not fit in their luggage, so a picture would have to do.
Everyone enjoyed seeing their future on Spaceship Earth.
For more pictures, click here and here .

To be continued...

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