January 19, 2011

Epcot with Trina and Delbert

Today Delbert and Trina joined us at Epcot.

We pointed out our picture on the Leave a Legacy wall.

Goofy was there to greet all of the goofy people who arrived before the park opened.

After a fast morning ride on Soarin', we headed into Living with the Land.

Are these are the same hydroponic plants we have seen here for year on end or are they new ones because the old ones died?

Last summer Epcot brought back a blast from the past: Captain EO starring Michael Jackson and the ever-popular elephant, Hooter.

Bruce swallowed a couple of old people.

Some flowers were planted here. Don't know what kind.

Mission Space was fun for Trina, but not a favorite of Delbert's.

The nearest smoking area can be found somewhere straight ahead and to the left.

The poor city suffered from a blackout with Trina and Delbert trying to supply the energy. Trina blamed it on her malfunctioning stick.

A friendly tourist took this awesome picture of us in from of The American Adventure.

Props are ready for Illuminations: Reflections of Earth in a few hours.

Oh my! It's the band at Germany's Biergarten Restaurant. Enjoy the music with a little bit of German meatloaf. And we DO mean a little.

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To be continued...

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