November 29, 2010

Myakka River State Park, Sarasota, Florida

Today we visited Myakka River State Park near Sarasota, Florida.

The Boylston Nature Trail leads followers to Myakka's Canopy Walkway.

The trail is an easy 40 minutes roundtrip.

The canopy tower rises about 80 feet above the forest floor. Be prepared for a climb.

If you have vertigo, don't look down.

A canopy walkway is a bridge between and in the canopy of a forest. It provides a view of the goings on in the trees' upper reaches.

Only three people were allowed on this walkway at a time.

Climbing further up the tower, we could see the walkway below.

We were also rewarded with a panoramic view of the rest of Myakka River State Park.

This sign shows just how rare canopy walkways are worldwide.

Next it was time for a Myakka Wildlife Tour on the longest air boat in the world, according to our captain.

Marlon holds up the line of passengers for his picture.

The new gift shop was built on stilts after the previous building was flooded in recent history.

This bird has to spread its wing to dry them in order to be able to fly.

What are you looking at?

Come on over and have a bite.

After the tour it was time for some lunch.

Marlon always likes lunch.

Our friend decided Doritos are the bomb.

Always savor your cookies.

Looking for the leftovers.

The boardwalk to Myakka's Birdwalk.

On the way home, we stopped at a beachside park and watched some parasailing.

This park had a whole slew of squirrels who were VERY accustomed to being fed by their fellow humans.

We scoured the beach for seashells by the sea shore.

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To be continued...

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