November 20, 2010

Magic Kingdom's Electrical Parade

Disneyland's Main Street Electrical Parade ended its run at California Adventure in April 2010 and moved here to Florida, where it is currently in an "open ended" run.

The Electrical Parade has run off and on at Disneyland since 1972.

Cinderella's coach has not yet turned into a pumpkin!

Watch out for Captain Hook!

Pete's Dragon, Elliott, disappears and reappears during the parade.

Here's a short video of the parade.

Since 2003, the Magic Kingdom has featured the fireworks show, Wishes.

Here a few pictures.

Cinderella's Castle changes colors all night for Christmas. Here it is decked out in blue lights...

and icicles too.

Main Street was hopping.

For more pictures, click
here .

To be continued...

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