November 13, 2010

Bok Tower Gardens

We have heard about Bok Tower Gardens for the last three years we have been in Florida. Today, we finally got the opportunity to visit.

Over 200 acres of botanical gardens can be explored.

The Window by the Pond gives visitors a place to sit, relax and attempt to spot many forms of wildlife.

The spanish moss on these trees is an "air plant", absorbing nutrients and water from the air and rainfall. Among other things, it is known to harbor rat snakes, bats and jumping spiders.

The Singing Tower is the centerpiece of the gardens. A 60-bell carillon is contained within the 205-foot tower and recitals are given daily.

The reflection pool around The Singing Tower is the home to the Bok Tower Swans and Koi. They like to be fed food by visitors. Beware though, they are also very interested in shoes and pant legs.

Doug keeps a safe distance from the eager bird.

Bok Tower took five years to construct and was dedicated by President Calvin Coolidge in 1929. Edward Bok, founder of the gardens, died one year later.

Beautiful scenery abounds.

The Tower sits on Iron Mountain, one of Florida's highest points at 295 feet above sea level.
Watch some highlights of our Bok Tower Gardens visit below.
This former winter residence of Bethlehem Steel Company vice-president C. Austin Buck was originally "El Retiro". The twenty-room mansion is now named "Pinewood Estate".

Finished in 1932, the Pinewood Estate can be toured daily for an additional admission. Today it was closed for its annual Christmas decorating.

We didn't find a princess, but we did find many frogs.

Some antique cars were having a gathering in the parking area of the gardens.

On the way home, little dots were flying around with parachutes in the sky.
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To be continued...

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