October 12, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Yellowstone

Our final trip into Yellowstone National Park this year was filled with several good sightings.

We saw this coyote jumping into holes hunting for some food.

Headed to Black Sand Basin...

A raven waited around to see if anyone would drop any tasty morsels.

Looking down Iron Creek at Black Sand Basin while a small geyser erupts.

And more of Black Sand Basin...

Upon arrival at Biscuit Basin, we found that we humans were not alone.

The bison (aka buffalo) calmly waited for all the humans to pass...

to give itself a good head scratching on the boardwalk...

and then slowly make its way across to the other side to promptly relieve itself.

Splish, splash we're not taking a bath in Mustard Spring.

It was kind of steamy at Midway Geyser Basin today.

On Firehole Lake Drive, we came across the Great Fountain Geyser. It erupts about every 12 hours and it was "scheduled" to erupt in about 45 minutes, so we decided to stick around and wait.
We waited and waited. The approximate time of eruption came and went. We waited another 30 minutes for the inevitable.
The wait was rewarded as the Great Fountain is one of the largest and most dramatic geysers in the park.

This cone-shaped geyser is Castle Geyser. It too only erupts a couple of times a day. It erupted while we were waiting for Great Fountain.
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To be continued...

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