October 28, 2010

Overnight Stays in Sierra Blanca & Luling, Texas

Driving in Texas, travelers should always be on the lookout for dust storms and smashed bugs on their windshields.

Texas is known for its big things, such as this super-sized roadrunner found at an I-10 rest stop.

Our first overnight in Texas was spent at Vista RV Park in Sierra Blanca, which means "White Mountain Range." The owners serve up some good Mexican and American food at the Diamondback Restaurant on-site.
This stage coach stop replica was built from the actual stone of the Tunis Stage Coach Stop which operated in 1879 and 1880.
Marlon's co-pilot is guilty of sleeping and riding.
Our second overnight in Texas was at Riverbend RV Park in Luling, Texas, which was once known as "the toughest town in Texas".
After two long days of driving, everyone was tired.
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To be continued...

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