October 17, 2010

Last Day at the IMAX

Today was our last day working at the IMAX this summer. We took a few pictures.

This was actually last Wednesday, Leanne and Rita take a break from folding t-shirts on Rita's last day at the IMAX.
Carlos and Jerry (not pictured) taught Marlon everything about being an IMAX projectionist.
The film is loaded and ready to go.

Marlon watched over 700 IMAX movies this summer. Many of them were called Yellowstone.
Marlon and the IMAX projector
Delfino hopes no one threw up in the movie this time.
Two early patrons got their pick of seats.
The IMAX screen is six stories tall and 80 feet wide.
Candice awaits the next tour group.
Doug and Delfino hold up the counter.
The next day the IMAX Theatre was deserted as the winter season started. The winter season schedule as of now is Wednesday through Sunday 1:30pm to 9:00pm.
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To be continued...

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