October 22, 2010

Las Vegas, Nevada Part 1

Leaving Salt Lake City to head to Las Vegas, we wound through some beautiful canyons in Utah and Arizona.

We arrived in Las Vegas at twilight and woke up the next morning to see the Las Vegas RV Resort in the daylight.
The Nevada desert was used to test atomic bombs during the Cold War period of history. We decided to visit the Atomic Testing Museum.
Here you can learn all you ever wanted to know about atomic power. However, once inside the museum, there are no photographs allowed.
Miss Atomic Bomb was, contrary to some popular belief, not a beauty contest.
While in the museum, we learned that the President would be visiting the city today.
We then headed for the Las Vegas Strip and arrived in front of the Bellagio just as its fountains were dancing.
Familiar sights were seen. The Eiffel Tower of Paris...
the Statue of Liberty of New York New York...
and the Sphinx of the Luxor.
Meanwhile, we found our way back to Flamingo Road which was closed about two hours later than originally thought.

After waiting a few minutes, the President's motorcade passed us led by motorcycle cops.
Then the presidential limousine passed following and followed by Secret Service agents, paramedics and press.
We then went for a visit with Phyllis, Doug's aunt. She, her daughter Lucinda, son-in-law Andy and grandsons Dawson and Phillip are Las Vegas residents.
Let's not forget Claire is also a Las Vegas resident.
Lucinda and Phyllis took us to the LA Comedy Show at the Four Queens Casino in downtown Las Vegas.
We found a chair that gave us room to grow.
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To be continued...

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