October 24, 2010

Las Vegas, Nevada Part 3

Today we found the Pinball Hall of Fame. The admission is free but bring money to play.

Over 100 pinball machines and video games are included in the collection. Nearly brand-new machines and vintage machines dating back to 1948 can be played.

Doug plays one of the vintage pinball machines.

A vintage popcorn machine serves up fresh non-vintage popcorn for one quarter.
The pop machine literally drops the can even from the top row. A sign warns thirsty buyers to "Open Can Slowly". Duh...
The oldest pinball machine on display in the building is this Ron-Dee-Voo game from 1948.
The Pinball Hall of Fame is located across the street from the recently closed Liberace Museum.

The museum was the anchor of its own strip mall for over 20 years.

Nice picture of the Las Vegas sky.
Looking down on the Las Vegas Strip from one of the skywalks.
We have seen several Cirque Du Soleil shows in the past so tonight we went to see Zumanity at New York New York. Entertaining? Yes. Favorite? No.
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To be continued...

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