October 5, 2010

Farnsworth TV & Pioneer Museum, Rigby, Idaho

Do you know where the "Birthplace of Television" is? It's about 100 miles south of West Yellowstone, Montana in Rigby, Idaho.

It is here that we found the Farnsworth TV & Pioneer Museum, housed in the old Bond Motel building.

Philo Farnsworth came up with the idea for an all-electronic television while he was working in his potato field. He envisioned lines, similar to those in a planted field, which together formed an image.

This is an original tube Farnsworth used in his invention.

As an alumni of Rigby High School, he presented his original television tubes to the school in 1956.
The museum has a pretty large collection of items that can be viewed through a glass window.
Since there can be a lot of snow in this area, this collection of skis might come in handy.
The Pioneer Museum portion of the museum is run by the Jefferson County Historical Society. Each city in the county is given a room in which to create a display however it sees fit to.
This bathtub is the 1910 model. It was used by the Drakes in Cedron, Idaho. The bathhouse had a stream of water that ran under the tub into a creek and then drained into the pasture.

This looks like a great way to get a perm or an electrocution.
Which typewriter did you learn on? We learned on the IBM Selectric, the one on the right-hand side of the bottom row.
A local resident square dance caller donated this state of the art sound system to the museum.
The museum has quite a collection of wild animals with big teeth.
The Jefferson County Historical Society is able to lease this building for annual rent of $1.
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