October 19, 2010

East Canyon Resort & Bingham Canyon Copper Mine, Salt Lake City, Utah

Our first stop on our way back to Florida was at East Canyon Resort about 30 miles northeast of Salt Lake City.

The membership resort has over 9,000 acres with 32 condos, 84 rv sites and many miles of ATV trails. This building housed the restaurant.

Today we headed out of East Canyon to visit the Bingham Canyon Copper Mine in Salt Lake City.

Enjoy some of the pictures of East Canyon.

The trees were all vibrant with their fall colors.

East Canyon is on Utah Highway 65. With its many inclines and switchbacks, it is easy to see why this road is not maintained in the winter.
The Bingham Canyon Copper Mine occupies approximately 80 square miles of land in the southwest portion of Salt Lake County.

This is a view as you approach the largest man-made excavation on earth.
The copper mine itself is 2 1/2 miles wide and more than 1/2 mile deep. Two Empire State Buildings could be stacked on top of each other and not reach the top.
Over 500 miles of roads inside the open-pit mine help expedite the work which, in the mine's 104 year history, has produced more than 18.7 million tons of 99.99% pure copper.
A view down into the repair facility shows one of the mine's huge dump trucks being directed by a very small person.
The mine has 64 of these dump trucks which use this size tire and can carry a load of up to 320 tons (that's 640,000 pounds!).
Kennicott, which owns the mine, maintains a very nice visitor center where you can learn that copper plays a huge role in your modern day life. The visitor center is open 8 to 8 April 1-October 31.

Two dump trucks, one empty and one full, pass each other on
the road leading to the mine. They travel up to a speedy 15 miles per hour.
Here's one the dump trucks dumping its load. These dump trucks are available for purchase for a mere $3 million.
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To be continued...

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