October 26, 2010

Pinal County Historical Museum & Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, Arizona

Next we headed through Arizona, stopping between Phoenix and Tucson at Desert Shadows RV Resort in Casa Grande.

We decided to spend a couple of hours washing the motorhome.
The next day someone came to make a minor repair on one of our Dometic roof air conditioners.
We found out that Arizona is a large producer of cotton.
Marlon stands beside a huge bale of cotton.

Next, we visited the Pinal County Historical Museum in Florence, Arizona, which is known for some unique collections.
One such collection is a large assortment of furniture made from various types of cactus.
Since Florence has about 10,000 residents and about 14,000 prisoners, the museum has also come to be known for its prison-related items.

This gallows trapdoor was actually used for hangings.

The nooses displayed on the wall are the actual ropes used for all the hangings which ever took place in Pinal County. Ropes were used for only one hanging, with the exception of four prisoners who felt like brothers and requested the same rope be used for them all.

The dual electric chair in front came in handy when two executions were scheduled on the same day.

Next we visited Casa Grande Ruins National Monument in nearby Coolidge, Arizona.

This "Great House" was occupied by the ancient Sonoran Desert people about 700 years ago. It is protected from the sun by a canopy.
Marlon points at another ancient structure.
Along with the "Great House", you can also view ancient ball courts where it is believed games were played with hard rubber balls.
You can also view at least a few cacti.
The museum at the National Monument features a model of the "Great House" as it would have appeared in the 14th century.
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To be continued...

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