September 20, 2010

Chief Joseph Scenic Highway & Cody, Wyoming

We decided we couldn't spend two summers exploring Yellowstone Park and not at least drive to Cody, Wyoming. So today, we headed that way.

As we drove through the park on our way, we got to see some of the colors of fall.

Someone was attempting to hide from us.

On our way to the northeast entrance, we passed through the Mammoth Hot Springs area and saw some lawn ornaments lounging around.

They were lounging around waiting for the male elks to determine who was head honcho.

Between Mammoth and the turn to Lamar Valley, we spotted a bear down below the road.

Going through Lamar Valley, we spotted a large herd of buffalo off in the distance.
Smoke filled the sky as Yellowstone's Antelope fire burned. It would subsequently grow to more than 3,000 acres by the following weekend. It had closed the Dunraven Pass portion of the Main Loop Road from Tower to Canyon.

Beartooth Scenic Highway and Chief Joseph Scenic Highway both gave more views of the colors of fall.'s a cow sitting by the side of the road.

When we stopped to take his picture, he decided to cross the street to stand with the other cows.

Chief Joseph has some beautiful views. Here are a few of them.

This pronghorn stopped just long enough for us to snap this shot.
Here is Cody, Wyoming. It's a nice little town with about 8,000 residents. We ate at a nice little place named Wendy's. She had red pigtails.
Next we travelled about 50 miles west on yet another scenic highway...the Buffalo Bill Cody Scenic Byway. Highway byway, byway highway.
Marlon took this self-portrait while standing on his stilts.
Here are a few awesome views from the Byway!

We covered more than 300 miles today and, as always, ran out of daylight.
We call this one Buffalo at Night.
For more pictures, click here .

To be continued...

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