August 28, 2010

Severe Storm Hits West Yellowstone

This afternoon between three and four o'clock, a large storm came through the area. It knocked down between 100 and 200 trees, according to town officials, and did damage to many buildings. Several people saw a funnel cloud spinning through the city.

We were home getting ready for work when dark clouds moved in. It was silent and then suddenly the heavy wind and rain started. We were fortunate no one had any damage in the rv park. Here are pictures of the City Park.

Heaviest hit was the Best Western, where the roof came off. You can see some rvs damaged behind the hotel.

View of the back of the Best Western.

The Yellowstone Park Inn and Suites also lost part of its roof.

Trees just snapped right in half.

The National Weather Service will be here Sunday to determine if there was a tornado. The storm appeared to hit the town from the southwest corner taking a diagonal path to the northeast corner.

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To be continued...

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