August 24, 2010

Natural Bridge of Yellowstone

Today's trip was to the Natural Bridge located on the southeast side of Yellowstone Park. The trailhead begins at Bridge Bay Marina.

Dressed in our hiking attire, as you can see, we found what used to be natural wood before they cut it up and made a bridge out of it. This is an Unnatural Bridge and is just the beginning of the 1.5-mile trail to the Natural Bridge.

The Natural Bridge is a 51-foot high cliff of rhyolite rock that has been cut through by the process of erosion in nearby Bridge Creek.

On our way back, we noticed a dog driving this motorhome.

We had to get back home for movie night, but we managed to stop for some pictures.

These bison were grazing on the hill by the Fishing Bridge.

This is from the Arnica fire in September, 2009.

This is the West Thumb Geyser Basin. We only had time for a few pictures, but will come back to walk on the trails at a later date.

Behind it is Yellowstone Lake. With a 132-square mile surface, Yellowstone Lake is the largest lake above 7,000 feet in North America. 20 miles long and 14 miles wide, the lake freezes around December each year and thaws near early June.

We made it back just in time for movie night. Doug made pork chops...

and Candice made cheesecake. Yum!!!!!!!!

For more pictures, click here .

To be continued...

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