August 3, 2010

Movie and Searching for Northern Lights

It's hard to believe...but West Yellowstone DOES have a movie theater. We went to the Bear's Den Theatre with Candice to see Despicable Me.

Here is the inside. It's not too bad for a small town.

After the movie, we went searching for the Northern Lights. No, this is not them. It's just a car going by.

Maybe we shouldn't be looking in this area for them.

Still not them...

Is that a scene from Blair Witch Project?
Nope...just a flash photo from a moving car...also not the Northern Lights.

While we were not seeing the Northern Lights, we happened upon a moose in the road. It was a large bull with horns. Unfortunately, by the time the camera was out he was gone.

Here's a picture of where he stood.

As you can see, we did not find the Northern Lights. We may have been a little far south and it may have been a little too cloudy.

For more pictures, click here .

To be continued...

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