July 28, 2010

Virginia City & Nevada City, Montana

Today we ventured about 85 miles away to visit the two "living history" towns of Virginia City and Nevada City, Montana. Virginia City has 100 historic buildings while Nevada City has 14 historic buildings original to the site and over 100 other historic buildings saved from all over Montana which are a part of its living history museum.

We won't be getting any gas at the Virginia City gas station today.

The Thompson-Hickman Museum contains some interesting items.

One such item is George Lane's club foot. An attempt at locating the graves of five road agents was successful because the searchers knew one had a club foot.

This century-old birthday cake was baked in 1899.

This mummified cat crawled under a house as it was being built in 1868.

The Nevada City Music Hall houses the largest public collection of automated music machines in North America.

The valuable collection of music machines is astounding.

This is the largest RCA dog we have seen guards over the collection.

Be sure to bring plenty of change. Many of these machines are still in working condition. The cost to get them started ranges from just one nickel to one dollar.

Both Nevada City and Virginia City have been used as locations in many movies and television shows.

If you need a place to stay, the Nevada City Hotel still rents out rooms.

The second floor of the hotel has a museum showing the hotel as it was in the past.

The hotel has its own two-story outhouse!

The two towns are about a mile and a half apart and are connected by road or train. We both traveled the road and rode the train.

It looks like the engineer is facing the wrong direction.

Need a haircut? This was Virginia City's thinnest building.
This is the barber shop's exterior.

Many of Virginia City's building are set up to look like the did in the 1800's. Here is the grocery store.
Candice and Doug direct traffic in downtown Virginia City.
Look... it's the Beverly Hillbillie's car.
A view of Virginia City from Boot Hill Cemetery.
These are the graves of the five road agents buried on Boot Hill.
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To be continued...

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