July 26, 2010

EBR-1 - The First Nuclear Power Plant

The sign says it all for this area.

The Idaho National Laboratory covers over 900 square miles.

We made it to EBR-1, the world's first nuclear power plant.

EBR-1 means Experimental Breeder Reactor. This reactor made history when, on December 20, 1951, it produced usable amounts of electricity. Located off highway 20/26 18 miles from Arco, Idaho, EBR-1 became a National Landmark on August 26, 1966.

To see more information on the reactor, click
here .

This map details the 900 square mile area where they build the test reactors.

Here are some facts about the reactor.

Doug stands on the reactor.

This is the turbine that created electricity from the steam produced by the reactor.

These maps show where commercial nuclear power plants were located as of 1999.

For those with the right mindset, here is an illustration of the evolution of the reactor.
Where does one store fuel for the reactor? Right here, of course.

Marlon tries out the robotic arms.

If you ever see one of these, don't open it. These containers are used to move nuclear waste by truck.

Inside the reactor's control room.

Remind you of a movie?

This is what a current day nuclear control room looks like.
Remember when you used to have to change the channels by hand?
An aerial view of EBR-1

The next two pictures are nuclear powered bomber engines that never flew.

For more pictures, click here pictures 1-110.

To be continued...

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