June 22, 2010

Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center

Today, we visited the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center with our friend and co-worker, Candice and Candice. The grizzlies were out early looking for food...

and playing with trash cans. That is why special metal trash cans with handles to open them are located all through the area. This helps keep bears from getting into the trash.

We arrived as they were having wolf pack chat. During this time, staff members get the wolves howling all at once.

The Center is located next to the IMAX and is open 365 days a year. All of the animals are not able to survive in the wild and serve as ambassadors for their wild counterparts.

These young wolves were wide awake this morning and playing hard.
Time for a group shot. Notice the IMAX Theatre in the background.
Nothing like relaxing on a giant teddy bear.

Next, it was off to the museum just across the road and about a half block down.

This used to be the Union Pacific Railroad Station. Would you care to buy a ticket?

As you can see it can sometimes be challenging to get here in a train.

After the museum, it was time to get a bite at the Canyon Street Grill. We were unhappy we couldn't try the extra salad Depressing, whatever that was. Notice the box outlined in red.

Candice took us to see here parents' house. They have quite a view from their front window.

And plenty of windows with a view.
Their house, on the left, is about 7,000 sq feet.
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To be continued...

June 17, 2010

Snowing in West Yellowstone

It can snow anytime of the year in West Yellowstone...even in June. Marlon got these shots out of the window at the Imax.

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To be continued...

June 14, 2010

Tautphaus Park Zoo, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Today, we visited the Tautphaus Zoo in Idaho Falls. They have the largest collection of animals in Idaho with over 400.

It seems wherever we are there is always some animal to greet us. This one, however, you don't want to get too close to even if she is smiling.

These giants you can't miss.

This one was a little shy for pictures.

Most people don't know that pink flamingos are pink because they eat carotene - containing brine shrimp.

The zoo has 14 species that are endangered and part of National Species Survival Plans.

These guys were inside fighting over the sun coming from the skylight.

We made a new friend when this little guy came over to the glass to see what was going on.

This cat is just a little too big for our rv.
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To be continued...

June 7, 2010

Late Spring in Yellowstone & Beartooth Highway

A late spring visit to Yellowstone will yield many animal and other sightings.

You may see a herd of buffalo, also known as bison, grazing on the distant prairie.

You may see badgers burrowing in the remaining snow...though probably not. They are here according to the Park Service, but rarely seen by visitors.

You may see homosapiens attempting to look normal for the camera. Tip...wear sunglasses and no one will know your eyes are closed.

You may see a lot of clouds in the sky.

You may see construction workers toiling during their apparent break. Luckily, they finished removing the snow in time for our visit.

If you are lucky, you will see a mother bear and her two cubs.

You may see some pronghorn butting heads.

You may see a new young bison attempting to take its first drink.
You make go down a road and see this amazing view.

Heading over Dunraven Pass toward Lamar Valley, you may see snow in places that will later be beautiful waterfalls.
Heading through Lamar Valley towards the northeast entrance to the park, you may see deer lurking at the roadside.

You may see animals in groups or alone. You may wonder why the lone animals are alone.

After exiting the park near Cooke City, Montana you may continue east to see the magnificent views from the Beartooth Highway.

This road is the highest elevation highway in Wyoming (10,947 feet), Montana (10,350 feet) and the Northern Rockies.
The Top of the World Store sits at 9,400 foot near the middle of the 69 mile Beartooth Highway.

If you keep an eye out, you may see some beautiful rushing streams and waterfalls along your drive.

If you are lucky, you will not see the beautiful rushing water when you really have to go to the bathroom.

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To be continued...