May 4, 2010

Wall Drug, South Dakota

Returning to Rapid City from the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site on I-90, the big dinosaur on the north side of the Interstate signals that Wall Drug is dangerously close.

Wall Drug is a huge multi-department store advertising itself on billboards for over 500 miles on Interstate 90. This pleasant "tourist trap" has something for everybody.

Besides the vast array of items for sale, Wall Drug features quite a collection of taxidermy animals.

The inside of Wall Drug reminds one of The Old West.

Marlon cozies up to a Wall Drug floozy.

Doug takes a ride on the Wall Drug jackalope.

On this visit to Wall, we strayed across the street to the Wild Life Museum to see some usual AND unusual animals.

The many types of antelopes...

Doug and the wildebeest.
The unusual fur bearing walleye only breeds by the flash of lightning.

The very usual Whitetail Deer Rump.
For more pictures, click here pictures 122-142.

To be continued...

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