May 6, 2010

Rapid City to Buffalo, Wyoming

Today we headed out to what we thought was going to to be West Yellowstone, Montana. Notice the large turtle in the sky.

Looks like a great day; the road just goes right into the sky.

One thing you can count on this time of the year is that the weather can change at any time. That is just what happened today with winds sometimes reaching 40 to 50 miles an hour. We drove right into a blizzard.

Across the northern part of the United States, many interstates have gates which close during bad weather to prevent motorists from getting stranded. As we approached Buffalo, Wyoming, we encountered said closed gates. The person manning the gates told us that the snow was up to the bottom of our rv mirrors ahead and there was no way we were going any further today.

We headed into Buffalo and found this campground for the night. Once we were settled for the night, the sun came out.

Another camper that stayed here for the night was not so lucky. While driving, their trailer was caught by the wind, jackknifed and hit their truck in the side.
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To be continued...

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