May 2, 2010

Old Governor's Mansion, Rapid City, South Dakota

Returning to Rapid City from Badlands National Park on Route 44, we noticed this sign and decided to investigate.

The Old Governor's Mansion was originally located in the state capital of Pierre. Built by the WPA in the 1930's, it served as the Governor's Mansion for over 60 years.

When a new mansion for the governor began construction in 2004, the former mansion was relocated and abandoned...that is, until found and purchased for a song (how about $1!) by Dr. Leon Brodie.

The problem was the house had to be moved. Relocating the house to a location on the outskirts of Rapid City was surely quite an expense. They even requested and got permission to transport the house through Badlands National Park!

In its new location, The Old Governor's Mansion operates as an event center holding family reunions, weddings and a regular Sunday brunch.

We happened across the Mansion about 5pm, a few hours after brunch had ended. Dr. Brodie's niece, Tammy Brody-Gusmano, manages the facility and prepares all the food herself. She surprised us by giving us a personal tour.

Thoughout the Mansion, memorabilia from its history is displayed.

Photos indicate that many of the furnishings and decor of the Mansion are as they were when the building was a functioning residence.
The Mansion can also be rented out as a bed and breakfast complete with four suites, including a Honeymoon Suite.

A 1985 poster shows the Mansion in its original location.

The spectacle of moving the building is quite a story in and of itself.

The location and surroundings of the building provide excellent photo opportunities for special occasions.

It's great to see the Old Governor's Mansion living on for all to enjoy.
For more information about South Dakota's Old Governor's Mansion, visit their website here .

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As we left the Old Governor's Mansion, we saw this.

As we drove down the drive to Hart Ranch, we spotted a huge family of deer.

To be continued...

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