May 2, 2010

Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Today we visited Badlands National Park.

Don't take your newly washed car here.

The Badlands consist of 244,000 acres of geologic formations and mixed-grass prairie ecosystems.

X's mark the spots where tragedy has occurred. Don't be a statistic.
One of the finished roads in the park.
The geologic formations are layers of sand, silt and clay that have joined together to form sedimentary rocks.
They are many millions of years old.
Fossils from the Eocene and Oligocene epochs have been located here in the Badlands.
Some fossils can be viewed here daily.
As far as one can see, the formations are breathtaking.
The Badlands was established as a National Monument in 1939 and then became a National Park in 1978.
Several large prairie dog communities can be found in the park.
Some more views of the Badlands follow...

An alert eye and the help of other visitors will allow you to see more animals.
Have car will travel...
Have legs will walk...
Have butt will sit...
Follow the brown dirt road...follow the brown dirt road...
For more pictures, click here pictures 1-123.

To be continued...

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