April 21, 2010

More Minneapolis

Some other items we saw while in Minneapolis included this house with incredible landscaping in the Kenwood neighborhood.

Grain Belt Beer's big bottle cap sign...since 1893!

Did you know Minneapolis has more bridges across the Mississippi River than any other river community?

I'm not certain if this one was on the Mississippi, but it was neat looking.

The Minneapolis skyline.

Minneapolis Light Rail...don't drink and drive...drink and ride!

The Pavek Museum of Broadcasting is a treasure trove of wonders for those interested in antique stereos, radios and television.

Here's a dual-needle phonograph.
Many later models of this Wurlitzer jukebox have been bid on during the 30+ year history of "The Price is Right".
This first televison set consists of several holes in a round disk. The tube behind the turning disk makes the picture as you look through the glass. Steamboat Willie reminds us that Disney is everywhere.
TV remote controls have certainly gotten more compact over the years.
Marlon is practicing for his new career as television cameraperson.
The first Minneapolis weather radar was placed in service in 1958.

Across from the IDS Center, this bus crashed through the building storefront of the Metro Transit.
Little Chief Crow stands watch over Minnehaha Falls.

Measuring 53 feet in height, Minnehaha Falls literally means
"waterfall falls."
Originally slated to become Minnesota's first state park in the 1880's, Minnehaha Park was instead turned over to the city of Minneapolis as a city park.

For more pictures of Minneapolis, click here .

To be continued...

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