April 18, 2010

Marlon Visits St. Joseph, Missouri and Surrounding Areas

Marlon spent about a week in St. Joseph visiting with family.

He watched as his great-nephew Dillon participated in a training exercise for his Firefighting School.

They performed an automobile extrication.

Dillon's cousin, Tempe, was trying to decide whether to be a firefighter or a forensic anthropologist.

The Savannah Middle School has been torn down and new school was built across town.

Tempe pondered that this would be a good chance to try out archaeology too.

Besides the gymnasium, the school safe was about the only thing left standing of the old school. This is a picture of the gymnasium.
Figuring she should wait on the really hard careers, Tempe turned to the career of doe-eyed model with assistance from Marlon's brother, Alan.
She is currently working on perfecting her profession.

After a hard day firefighting, Dillon might want to spend some relaxing times at this bar formerly owned by his grandparents.

He will have to wait until he turns 21, of course.

Marlon revisited Amazonia Elementary School where his early childhood education began.
Trina, Marlon's oldest sister, often sat upstairs in this building helping announce games at the baseball field. Marlon would keep score on the scoreboard, which is no longer standing.
The firehouse of Amazonia, Missouri can always use a few good persons.

For more pictures of Marlon's visit to St. Joseph, click here .

To be continued...

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