April 28, 2010

Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming

Devils Tower National Monument was the first declared United States National Monument, established by Theodore Roosevelt in 1906.

It can be seen distinctly from many miles away.

The tower is located in northeastern Wyoming above the Belle Fourche River.

Devils Tower grew in popularity when it was used in the 1977 blockbuster "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".

Be on the lookout for abundant deer near the monument.

Tower Trail is a 1.3 mile paved trail which encircles the monument.

Walking Tower Trail...

The monument is wider than Doug's arm span.
Tower Trail has a few easy inclines and switchbacks.

Prayer cloths are tied to trees by members of American Indian tribes as part of their religious practices.

About 4,000 visitors each year choose to climb the face of Devils Tower.
The summit of the tower falls just short of one-mile above sea level.

Did you know that American prairie dogs currently occupy only 2% of the total area which they occupied 200 years ago?
Don't feed the prairie dogs.

The KOA at the entrance to Devils Tower boasts a large deer population.
As we leave, the sun starts to set on Devils Tower.
For more pictures, click here pictures 42-135.

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