April 28, 2010

Center of the Nation, Belle Fourche, South Dakota

Down this dark old gravel highway, you will find the Center of the Nation.

This sign is located several miles northwest of Belle Fourche, South Dakota.

This spot became the Center of the Nation when Hawaii and Alaska were admitted to the United States in 1959.

Not much in the way of funding has been used to spruce up this remote location.
Heading back toward Belle Fourche...
The Tri State Museum, located in Belle Fourche, boasts the official "Center of the Nation" monument.
The monument lays flat on the ground and has a diameter of 21 feet. The disk in the middle represents the center of the 50 United States.
The center of the continental United States is located in Smith Center, Kansas.
According to this sign, the new center, as of 1959, is at Latitude 41 degrees 58 minutes North and Longitude 103 degrees 46 minutes West. Okay...
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