April 8, 2010

The Georgia Agrirama

After surviving Florida's harsh winter, Marlon and his mom, Angie, headed to Missouri where Doug was completing a grueling tax season and Angie would be spending the summer.

On their way, they visited The Georgia Agrirama, Georgia's Museum of Agriculture and Historic Village in Tifton, Georgia. Luckily, the parking lot included full hookup rv sites.

Enjoy the pictures of The Georgia Agrirama.

This is the Tift House where the namesake of the town of Tifton lived.

Inside the Tift house...

The doctor's office

A doctor's unlucky patient could be made into a handy paperweight
How about an exam?
The easy old days of washing up before surgery
The street signs of the 1800's
Century-old cotton
This is where the witches were put on trial
Oops, wrong century. It's the Masonic Lodge.

An old machine
Angie is tired of the motorhome and waits for the train.
A cabin
Another mystery machine
19th century horse or mule (whatever)
19th century soda fountain inside...

a 19th century drug store.
Here sat Marlon
The saw mill
A wicked looking bell
Little wooden schoolhouse
Little wooden schoolhouse classroom complete with teacher
Bird houses
Angie's first tractor
Angie's second tractor
Angie's third tractor but first John Deere
An old grocery car
What goes around comes around...jeans of the 1800's look like jeans of the 2010's

Pedra is done with Georgia's Agrirama and ready to hit the road.

For more detailed information about The Georgia Agrirama, visit their website here .

For more pictures of Marlon's visit, click here .

To be continued...

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