July 21, 2009

The Secret Garden at The Playmill Theatre, West Yellowstone

Tonight (okay, it was really 2 months ago or so) we ventured out to The Playmill Theatre to see this year's production of the musical adaptation of The Secret Garden, a novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

The Playmill Theatre, in its 46th season (that's older than Marlon even!), presented three different Broadway shows this summer: Footloose, Guys and Dolls & The Secret Garden.

The main character of young orphan Annie Lennox was portrayed by Eliza Merrill. She did a fantastic job.

After the show, the cast gathers outside for picture-taking opportunities.

This actress with the big smile looks mysteriously like a Yellowstone IMAX employee...
The Playmill Theatre features a very memorable intermission.

A visit to The Playmill Theatre will definitely be worth your time and money. But you'll have to wait until the 2010 season as the last performance was September 5th.

And no, this is NOT a paid advertisement.

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To be continued...

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