June 22, 2009

Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge

Today we just drove down the road with nowhere particular in mind and saw a sign that said Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge 28 miles. What the heck!

Here's the road...

Still over 20 miles away and already seeing wildlife...

They were polite and went around our vehicle while obeying the speed limit.

Some scenery...

To get to where we were headed, we had to traverse Red Rock Pass and cross the Continental Divide.

Oh no! We came across some wild cows.

Both Montana and Idaho have some of the most lush greenery in the United States.

We hope Red Rock Pass doesn't take us too close to the top.

More wildlife was briefly spotted before it sprinted away.

Did we mention the paved road ended about 2 miles into the 28 mile trip?

Unlike most groups of cows who totally ignored us, these cows were looking for their leader.

Watch our video below to see what we mean.

This is the Schoolhouse Duck Camp. Whatever that is.

A little wild bird hopped among the puddles on the road.

A wild mouse searched for cheese.

More wildlife hung back from the road too scared to approach us.

The sun was beginning to descend.

Time to head back down the road.

First we stopped and looked at Hell Roaring Creek which is the upmost source of the Missouri River and located 3,745 miles from the Atlantic Ocean.

These horses insisted that they get equal time on the blog.

A second group of leader-seeking cows watched us as we headed back to West Yellowstone.

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To be continued...

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