June 29, 2009

Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park

The climb to the entrance to Lewis & Clark Caverns is quite a hike from the parking lot.

It was such a hike that Jerry and Lee decided not to complete it on one of the hottest days of the year. The sun was really beating on the trail.

Here's the entrance as our guide begins her story of the cave.

Carol looks ready to continue hiking.

These stairways in the cave are NOT naturally occurring.

Enjoy some of the many views of Lewis & Clark Caverns.

Carol never put on the sweatshirt she purchased just prior to entering the cave.
Marlon loves a great picture.
Enjoy more views of the caverns.

After nearly two hours, Doug and Carol agree that the caverns are beautiful.

We all stepped on the "1 Mile High Step".

One final long tunnel to the exit.
Was it haunted? View the video below to find out.
And then we headed back down the hill.
For more pictures, click here pictures 146-248.

To be continued...

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