June 1, 2009

Journey to Yellowstone's Northeast Entrance

Today we headed toward Cooke City, Montana...a VERY small town outside the northeast entrance of Yellowstone National Park.

On our way from the west entrance, snow still lined the Park's roads.

Mountainsides still had plenty of snow on them.

Tower Falls plunged to the floor of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

Whitewater rafting anyone?

We spotted a family eating lunch while driving up Dunraven Pass.
We took a look up the creek. Or was it a river?

These a just a few of the MANY buffalo we spotted in Lamar Valley.

Before exiting the Park's northeast entrance, we entered Wyoming and the Shoshone National Forest.

On the way to Cooke City expect some delays due to road construction. We also suggest avoiding this area during rain.
On the way back into the park, we passed very close by this moose.
Back in West Yellowstone, we decided to try out some Beartooth Barbecue. Um..Um..Good.
Take a look at some of the water of Yellowstone in this video.
For more pictures, click here .

To be continued...

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