June 30, 2009

Yellowstone Park with Carol, Lee & Jerry Part 2

Today we took Carol, Lee & Jerry to see parts of Yellowstone they had not yet seen.

The eagle was in its nest.

This time of year the traffic jams are not comprised of buffalo.

Carol and Lee look forward to a walk around Norris Geyser Basin.

Carol and Lee look forward to being finished with their walk around Norris Geyser Basin.

Small geyser at Norris erupts.

A confused buffalo attempts to determine if this is its offspring.

Carol enjoys the view of Lower Falls.

A small hike puts us in view of Tower Falls.

Just north of Tower Falls, we spot a family of big-horned sheep descending the mountainside.

Next we see the first of three bears. This one was eating grass along the side of the road.

Until some stupid human purposely scared him and he decided to cross the road.

Bear number two...

This deer had a tree growing out of its head.

Mammoth Hot Springs...

Bear number three was brown.

Another elk was spotted on our way towards Madison Junction and the park exit.

Watch our video of today below.

Back at our campsite, demonic felines greeted us.

For more pictures, click here pictures 65-119 and 288-408.

To be continued...

June 29, 2009

Headwaters of the Missouri River

After leaving Lewis & Clark Caverns, we headed to see where the Missouri River begins.

It begins here...at the confluence of the Jefferson River and the Madison River. These rivers are then joined by the Gallatin River about 1/2 a mile downstream.

The 2341-mile long Missouri River is the longest river in the United States.

Then we headed toward Bozeman to go south on Highway 191 towards West Yellowstone.
Along Highway 191 are about 60 white crosses marking fatalities that have occurred on the winding road.

About 20 miles of Highway 191 snake through the outskirts of the park. We decided this would be a great opportunity for a group picture.
For more pictures, click here pictures 249-287.

To be continued...

Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park

The climb to the entrance to Lewis & Clark Caverns is quite a hike from the parking lot.

It was such a hike that Jerry and Lee decided not to complete it on one of the hottest days of the year. The sun was really beating on the trail.

Here's the entrance as our guide begins her story of the cave.

Carol looks ready to continue hiking.

These stairways in the cave are NOT naturally occurring.

Enjoy some of the many views of Lewis & Clark Caverns.

Carol never put on the sweatshirt she purchased just prior to entering the cave.
Marlon loves a great picture.
Enjoy more views of the caverns.

After nearly two hours, Doug and Carol agree that the caverns are beautiful.

We all stepped on the "1 Mile High Step".

One final long tunnel to the exit.
Was it haunted? View the video below to find out.
And then we headed back down the hill.
For more pictures, click here pictures 146-248.

To be continued...

Earthquake Lake with Carol, Lee & Jerry

Today we headed to Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park.

Along the way, Marlon pointed out to Carol, Lee & Jerry some of the destruction that occurred 50 years ago that resulted in the formation of Earthquake Lake.

Carol was so startled with the destruction Marlon had to hold her upright.

Her toenails turned a purplish pink.

Doorless outhouse anyone?

Please don't eat the daisies...

Okay, they are NOT daisies.

Some airplanes flew in formation near the Earthquake Lake Visitor Center.


A drive to the top of the visitor center parking area provides a beautiful view of the Madison Valley.

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To be continued...