May 18, 2009

Tour of Yellowstone Lower Loop

Today we took a guided tour of Yellowstone's Lower Loop on a gray bus with our tour guide, Amy. Here's our bus.
The Sapphire Pool, located in the Biscuit Basin, did not become a geyser until the 1959 earthquake. By 1968, the pool had doubled in size due to the powerful eruptions but was no longer a true geyser. Sapphire still boils violently and has an occasional surge.

Accompanying us today on our tour were co-workers Sharon, Jordan and Lauren.
While eating our lunch on the deck of the Old Faithful Inn, we watched Old Faithful's eruption.
More views of Yellowstone National Park...
Snow banks were still to be found sporadically around the park.
The bet was that this water was very cold.
Lake Yellowstone...what a view!
Lake Yellowstone Hotel was preparing to open for its season Memorial Day weekend.
Get a whiff of sulphur at the Mud Volcano Area.
Watch the smoke emit from Dragon's Mouth Spring.
Just one of the beautiful canyons of Yellowstone...

Take a look at the Lower Falls of Yellowstone.
We were really there.
Gibbons Fall was still rolling along.
Watch a video compilation of today's tour below.
For more pictures, click here .

To be continued...

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