April 29, 2009

Fort Jax RV Park, West Yellowstone, Montana

Here we are settled into our site at Fort Jax RV Park. Later this week we will have neighbors on both sides.

We will need to visit the laundry this evening to catch up on our big piles of dirty clothes. Our journey from Kansas City has been too cold to hook up to water to do the laundry in the motorhome and it would take forever to catch up now. Time to dig out the quarters!

Took a drive around town. We were told last year at this time about 30 inches of snow was on the ground. So while it seems bad to us as we've been away from Colorado awhile, it's much better than it might have been.

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To be continued...

April 28, 2009

Highway 191 to West Yellowstone, MT

Driving Highway 191 south from Bozeman to West Yellowstone reminds us of the drive up Golden Gate Canyon from Golden to Blackhawk, Colorado...except it's about 90 miles compared to only 15.

Marlon was only driving about this fast.

Good thing there was no traffic while he was taking the pictures. Doug was following behind the motorhome in the Santa Fe. We decided it would be a more practical vehicle this summer than the Cobalt.

Highway 191 enters the very edge of Yellowstone National Park.

After the long ride down Highway 191, these two were very tired.
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To be continued...

April 27, 2009

Rapid City, SD to Billings, MT

Today we left Rapid City and headed for our next stop---Billings, Montana.

Just a short drive from Rapid City is the infamous town of Sturgis which becomes a wild and crazy place for one week in August every year...

followed by about a two-hour drive through the northeast corner of Wyoming.

There were some beautiful clouds along the way.

Chatfield tried to get Pedra to look but she wasn't interested.

Wimpy Doug puts on his coat to set up camp in Billings, Montana.
Despite the pleasant image its name may convey, Trailer Village RV Park was a very nice campground.

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To be continued...