July 1, 2008

Pymatuning Deer Park, Jamestown, Pennsylvania

Today we visited Pymatuning Deer Park, which was established in 1953.
Here's a sampling of the many animals you will encounter on a visit.

"Why do they like to feel my antlers?"
"Look...but don't touch. We bite."
"What the heck is that thing behind me?!"
"I just drank some green Kool-aid."
"I'm gonna peck you!"

"I'll eat you for lunch."

"I won't spit on you since your feeding me."

"I like meat."
"I like meat too."
"I'm ready to hibernate."

"Look at the ants...look at the ants..."

"Slow it down there..."
"I need a haircut."
"You smell like ham."
"The heat is killing me."
"I love chewing tobacco."
"It's a long way down. Hope this guy doesn't drop me."
"I'm lucky because I have shade."
"I can't wait to transform into some flying critter so I can get the heck out of here."
Most will agree Pymatuning Deer Park is well worth the $6.50 admission price.

Check out our video below.

To be continued...

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