May 25, 2008

Pedro's South of the Border Pt. 1

Today we explored more of South of the Border.

Marlon had fond memories of mushroom hunting as a teenager in rural Missouri.

The now-closed Silver Arcade provides fond memories for those who remember it as the Silver Slipper. The Silver Slipper got South of the Border in trouble in the late 1990's when both South Carolina and North Carolina (which South of the Border's property extends into) had very strict laws regarding video poker.

South of the Border is known for its sale of fireworks. Rocket City sits in front of the entrance to Pedro's Campground.

Hundreds of different kinds of July 4th fun can be found here.

South of the Border gift shops sport a wide variety of inexpensive souvenirs of all types. Gift shops sometimes appear too large for the amount of merchandise offered though.

The Monte Carlo Arcade is still in operation. Notice the sign says "Video Power". Did it used to say "Video Poker"?

The sign said bowling but I couldn't find a bowling alley for the life of me.

Go ahead...try to drive under my legs...

A relative of King Kong greets visitors to South of the Border as do several other whimsical animals.

The S.O.B. (that's South of The Border) water tower stands tall.

The Golf of Mexico indoor miniature golf course has seen better days. It is now Pedro's Concrete Bazaar which sells lawn statuary and the like. Or at least it was closed when we were here. And according to other visitor's websites who visited in 2005, it was closed then too.

According to a Pedroland Park employee, the only cool roller coaster in the park, Pedro's Mouse, hasn't operated since about 2002. According to a source on the internet, it originally opened in the summer of 2001. Short operating life!

South of the Border brochures picture this as the swimming pool. No ones swimming in this pool anymore.

South of the Border was founded in 1950 by Al Schafer, making it 58 years old...will it make retirement age?

Another gift shop...note the amount of merchandise compared to the vast amount of floor space.

The Dirty Old Man's Shop was closed for inventory today...but we went ahead and peeked through the window.

Inventory probably didn't take too long...once again, note the lack of inventory compared to floor space.

Apparently, not enough Dirty Old Men have been visiting South of the Border.

For more pictures, go to pictures 1-54.

Coming up...a trip to the top of Sombrero Tower and South of the Border in neon.

To be continued...

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