June 30, 2008

The Spillway at Pymatuning State Park

A short drive from Pymatuning Valley Resort, you will find The Spillway at Pymatuning State Park located near the Ohio/Pennsylvania border.

This fee-free area features The Spillway "where the ducks walk on the fishes backs." Here are the ducks.

Here are the fishes.

Here is a volunteer fish and duck feeder. He has purchased this bag of bagels and other bags of NAME BRAND bread from the concessionaire at the spillway. The concessionaire sells day old bread two loaves for one dollar. The bags this volunteer purchased still had 2 days before the "sell by" date. Lucky ducks! and fish!
The volunteer feeds the wildlife.
This group brought their own bread...lots of it.
When you're in Ohio or Pennsylvania, always watch out for horses and buggies.
Watch the ducks and fish at The Spillway below.

To be continued...

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