June 27, 2008

Onondaga Lake, Salt Museum & Other Offbeat Attractions

Today, Mike cooked for us. This was the main course.

Next we headed over to the must-see museum of Liverpool, New York-The Salt Museum!

The salt drilling rig drops a heavy bit into the ground about 20 times a minute, creating a hole six inches in diameter. The drilling rigs drill to about 400 feet searching for brine.

These kettles were used by salt boilers to boil brine. This was a dangerous job as injury or death could result from a scalding splash of brine or a fall into a kettle of boiling brine.

Lisa is grateful she doesn't work as a salt boiler. She would not want to die falling into a kettle.

The Salt Museum is located within Onondaga Lake State Park.

In the park, you can take a free, relaxing tram tour.

You can also pay to rent one of these and take your own tour.

Which do you think we did? Watch the video below.
The other mode of transport DOES look fun, though.

Next we headed to Syracuse to find some of the offbeat roadside attractions we had found in our internet research.

This house is built on the roof of the now-abandoned Penfield Manufacturing Company.

Do you see anything wrong with this stop light?

At least yellow is still in the middle.

New York's version of Mickey Mouse is Tully Turtle. As the owner of Tully's, Tully promises great food and good times...not good food and great times.

For more pictures, go to http://public.fotki.com/Marlonfleenor/1/2008/june/our-final-day-with-/ .

To be continued...

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