June 20, 2008

New York City Day 2 Part 2

Continuing our double-decker tour, we passed by the United Nations Building. The flags are lowered at 4pm weekdays and do not fly on weekends.
New York City in perspective from the top of the double-decker bus.
Visitors to Central Park can "go green"by riding in a bicycle taxi known as a pedicab.
Then we drove by Carnegie Hall.
These signs show a sampling of the current shows on Broadway and advertise the new Get Smart movie.
We walked by MTV Studios in Times Square...could one of those be Britney in the window?
The famous billboards of Times Square.

By following the local news helicopters, we found this SUV had jumped the curb and crashed into a building. No fatalities occurred.
We saw Mickey, Minnie and Pluto on 5th Avenue at the World of Disney store.
We saw a little more Times Square as it began to get dark.
Then our double-decker nighttime tour began. The M&M smiled down on us.
A street fair was going on this weekend.
The nighttime tour gave us a chance to see the city lights from different perspectives.
In Brooklyn, some kids were playing a game of b-ball.
The city just before we retired for the night...
Watch the video below for some of today's highlights.
To be continued...

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