June 16, 2008

More Atlantic City, New Jersey

Upon leaving The Absecon Lighthouse, we headed toward one of those $5 casino parking lots and along the way found this house proudly displaying the Monopoly card for Oriental Avenue.

We parked at Caesar's and took a picture of him.

Then we headed out to The Boardwalk.

Marlon greeted the world from Atlantic City.

We watched the rolling chairs rolling down The Boardwalk, mostly empty.

We found that the fancy hotel casinos were often surrounded by not-so-fancy dwellings.

When it appeared to be turning stormy, the chair rollers got the rolling chairs ready for the weather.

We never saw any of the Atlantic City Boardwalk Cats, which is just as well as we may have ended up taking one home.

The sky quickly went from looking pretty clear...

to somewhat scary.

Next we headed to the Steel Pier just in time for the weather to hit.

Most of the rides were still going as we entered the pier.
But quickly came to a halt as the rain whipped up and the wind grew rather strong.
The view of The Boardwalk during the rainstorm was pretty neat.
Doug got a little wet prior to losing all of $5 in a slot machine.
The Resorts Hotel and Casino was the first legal casino in the eastern part of the United States when it opened on May 26, 1978.

It features the Entrance to the Stars. Atlantic City's version of Hollywood's Walk of Fame showcases handprints of many well-known celebrities...here is one...
and here is another.
On our way back to Holly Acres RV Park, we needed to watch out for tractors.
Before we left for New York, we took a swim.

For more pictures, go to
http://public.fotki.com/Marlonfleenor/1/2008/june/atlantic-city-nj/ pictures 181-239.

To be continued...

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