June 25, 2008

Fort Ontario State Historic Site

Today we visited the Fort Ontario State Historic Site with Mike.

Built between 1842 and 1844, this was one of two houses which served as Officers' Quarters at Fort Ontario.

The furnishings of the buildings recreate the lives of the officers, enlisted men and civilians who lived here around 1868.
Apparently, mosquito netting was a must at bedtime.
The vertical openings in the wall of the powder magazine provide ventilation to the storage chamber and an air space under the wooden floor.
Mike demonstrates his fort defense methods.
If not covered properly, the openings in these underground casements built during the Civil War era provide easy access to small critters.
While down in one of the casements, Doug ran into Mickey Mouse's friends, Goofy and Goofier.

Fort Ontario is named such because it borders Lake Ontario.
While walking around the fort, we ran into this scary dude.
Marlon threw his back out trying to do a little manual labor.
Is that a beaver? And did he really build that dam?
Nuclear power plants are always a beautiful sight.
While Lisa slaved away at work, Mike introduced us to one of his favorite Italian restaurants, Avicolli's.
On the way home tonight, we came across this dazzling display.

To be continued...

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